We’re very lucky! We spend all our time making interesting and often beautiful things, and we’ve been doing it for a long time. Some of our customers have worked with us for more than 50 years and we’ve been making signs for the National Trust for no less than 80 years.

Our work involves many different trades and skills and we go to great lengths to help people who know what they want but not how to make it happen. The range of products we make is extensive and elsewhere on this website in the Products and Showcase you’ll find details of all of them.

We have an expanding range of products now available for immediate order/purchase through our web-store;


Some of our excellent customers: logos

Our most popular products


cast in aluminium or bronze, etched or engraved in many metals, our plaques set the standard throughout the UK and beyond.

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we’ve been making signposts and fingerposts for a hundred years and have a huge range of traditional and contemporary designs.

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Interpretive Signage

maps, tourist information and local history – made and displayed in so many different ways.

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memorials, plaques, trail markers, murals and pavement art – all in beautiful bronze.

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To see our architectural castings, street nameplates and our mysterious “Miscellanea”, browse our full range.

About Leander

RLFArchive1Leander Architectural and The Royal Label Factory (RLF) have always been family businesses, the RLF dating back to 1874 and Leander to 1986. The two businesses merged in 1998. Over the years, many aspects of our work have changed with the advent of computer graphics, laser cutting and etching, but old crafts such as hand-carving in clay and timber are still practised every day. Our foundry now uses electric furnaces, but moulding and casting techniques have changed little over the years, the emphasis being on skill and attention to detail.

Our basic philosophy has never changed – make products of the highest quality and help customers in every possible way. If you need advice on any aspect of our products or you’d like someone to work with you to create something special, we’d be pleased to help. Our telephones are manned by real Derbyshire human beings and NOT automated answering systems!

Latest projects

The Brighton Bandstand

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Plaques that suit their subject

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Welcome Signs

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