‘Welcome’ signs

Villages, towns and cities are all much more identity-conscious than they were even 20 years ago. Few things establish an identity better than well-designed ‘Welcome’ signs. They can include relief images of the place itself or of a key element of the town’s history. They can include flowers, trees, churches – in fact almost anything!

They can be cast in metal, carved in wood, forged in iron or cut into stone.

National Parks, AONBs, country parks and World Heritage sites also need their identities and boundaries established. We have worked with many of these organisations for around 50 years and we always happy to advise on practicalities and costs.

Download our signs brochure (PDF, 1.6MB)

Street nameplates

There was a time when almost all street nameplates were of cast metal (if only…!). Since the 1960s, they’ve been largely supplanted by cheaper and thinner materials but they’re staging a revival for two reasons: they last far longer than other materials and they are much more appropriate for conservation areas. Cast plates have also played their part in upgrading neglected neighbourhoods and districts.

We have a massive range of nameplate patterns and typefaces, including a few curious fonts dating back to 1918 and carrying such obscure names as “Nuneaton Times Roman”. Nameplates can be supplied complete with posts and/or backboards if required.

General signs

Where do we start? Nameplates and numberplates for houses and hotels, training centres and trains ; bridge and castle signs ; lighthouse signs ; signs for ships and for schools (Eton and Harrow for example) ; signs in the shape of car radiators, waterwheels, dovetail joints… we really do welcome a challenge!

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