Architectural Castings: Fingerpost & Signpost columns

Fingerpost signs are a traditional type of sign often used in the United Kingdom. The posts have traditionally been made from cast iron/aluminium or wood, with poles painted in black, white or grey and fingers with black letters on a white background, which typically include distance information too. Our fingerpost columns shown here, work in conjunction with cast arms, to produce the full signs – detailed here.

We offer 2 distinct types of metal column – fully cast aluminium or a galvanised steel-aluminium “hybrid”. Both can look very traditional and are extremely durable.

With the vast pattern archive and knowledge, we are able to manufacture a wide range of traditional and contemporary cast signage. Our range of cast columns and hybrid columns (steel tube with a cast column base) can generally be mixed and matched with various finger arm and finial types to provide the overall desired style.

Whether you are building a new waymarking signage scheme or just looking to refresh or update your current navigation, our robust and attractive fingerposts are the perfect solution. We offer a wide range of styles, materials and colour finishes with printed or cast lettering options.

Bespoke solutions can be designed for private and corporate clients. The company maintains long-term records of all the towns and cities it has worked for and can easily provide replacements or additional posts for any of them. Installation and repairs on site are undertaken throughout the UK.

Design service

Over the years, many aspects of the work have changed with the advent of computer design, laser etching, waterjet cutting, but old crafts such as hand-carving in clay and lettering are still practised every day. The company’s dedicated team will work with clients to produce designs that comply with current regulations.

The range of signage and materials is suitable for almost any environment – from seaside promenades, railway stations, nature reserves right through to company offices.


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