Architectural Castings: Cast Spandrels Brackets – Iron or Aluminium

We hold a wide range of architectural casting patterns for decorative and structural applications. We offer Spandrel brackets, columns, friezes, balustrades & crestings that match, or compliment each other well.

Many of the smaller spandrels and brackets are used to enhance simple architectural structures such as canopies and verandahs. The larger ones can even be used to support walkways or balconies. Replacing steel sections with cast cross beams, transforms the appearance of a canopy or arcade & our decorative friezes can be added above or below the beams or even along gutter tops.

The following drawings only show these elements in two dimensions. Some are more slender than they look; others are chunkier. Feel free to suggest any combination that you like – we’ll advise if they don’t make a good aesthetic match.

For certain applications, a bespoke variant may be required – a logo or motif added, a slightly different length or special fixing brackets. These are options that we’re well experienced at adding.


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