Architectural Castings: Cast Spandrels & Brackets

Some of the many cast spandrel bracket patterns we hold for decorative and structural spandrels are illustrated here. We have a range of ColumnsFriezes, cross-beams & Crestings that match our Spendrels and Brackets well. We usually manufacture in aluminium, but often for larger heritage projects we also produce bespoke iron brackets – including for Network Rail applications.

We have many more, but some are very old types and no modern drawings currently exist – these are currently being updated.

Please do contact us if you want a specific size or design and we’ll let you know if we have something suitable, or how we can make something bespoke.

Many of the smaller spandrels and brackets are used to enhance simple architectural structures such as canopies and verandahs. The larger ones can be used to support walkways or balconies.


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August 2021 Update - Leander is manufacturing as normal.