Installing Cast Plaques

In recent years, some customers have found it difficult to install the signs that we make. Many local authorities no longer have their own staff to carry out this work, while civic societies and trusts are sometimes wary of the Health & Safety implications.

Bronze memorial plaque Installation
Works Installation

We can and do install most of the things we make, from plaques to bandstands. Where a series of plaques can be installed together, the unit cost can be low. However we do have to price installations from our Buxton base. We are always happy to advise local contractors how best to install our products.

For larger installation works, we use the services of an experienced street furniture installer who undertakes work throughout the UK. Typically, this work covers the site fixing of fingerposts, notice boards and interpretation panels as well as floor (pavement / road surface) plaques. Where structures such as canopies or bandstands are involved, we revert to using our own staff – the same staff who assembled the structure in our workshops.

If you need our help in this respect, simply contact us by phone or by email.


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