Installing plaques

In recent years, we’ve been asked to install a lot of the plaques that we make. This seems to be because many local authorities no longer have the staff to do it themselves and outside contractors charge high fees for such work.

OctoberLate 004


We’ve installed 25 over the last few weeks, in a long line from Runcorn to Hull and in Kent and Leicestershire. Becuase they’re ‘our’ plaques, we take a great pride in doing this work carefully and at a sensible cost. The first example shown is at Mossley in Tameside, where three more will be installed later this month.

The second photo shows the nitty-gritty side of this work at Ryecroft Hall in Audenshaw, Greater Manchester. We supplied not only the bronze plaque but the 4 tonne limestone boulder it sits on and everything had to be completed before Remembrance Sunday. The photo was taken on the Friday before with paving and planting going on while the plaque was being fitted. All was completed just in time and the service went very well.

OctoberLate 009A


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