Cast Bronze Plaques & Signs

Our custom cast bronze plaques, memorials and house signs are still made in a foundry using traditional sand casting techniques. Our bespoke designed bronze memorial plaques and signs are supplied to Exclusive Hotels, local authorities, civic societies, memorials, undertakers and public spaces throughout the UK and to sites as scattered as Canada and Antarctica. There are no set rules for the shape or size of our plaques or memorials and we often create very unusual ones for specific sites.

We maintain long-term records of all the plaques we make and also offer an installation service and a refurbishment service for old plaques in need of some t.l.c.

Bronze is not the cheapest metal but, for durability and stunning appearance it’s hard to beat. Cast bronze has always been the preferred material for war memorial plaques and major public unveilings, and has also proved ideal for floor plaques and trail markers set in the paving.

The bronze used in our castings is 100% recycled material, helping prevent further damage to the Earth. We also use cast bronze for Interpretation Panels and Toposcopes.

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