Grave Markers and Memorials

Grave markers, memorial plaques and cast metal sculptures manufactured by specialist designers; we offer a range of high quality grave markers and plaques to suit a wide variety of locations. These can mark new graves through to commemorating a special place or event. Our bespoke plaques and sculptures can be a fitting memorial to a loved one – whether to be installed in the ground, on a boulder, a bench, a wall or free standing.

The Royal Label Factory and Leander Architectural have a long history in producing memorial plaques and grave markers in Aluminium and Bronze – materials that do not corrode easily and can last a very long time.

As successors to the Royal Label Factory, we are able to still offer their full range supplemented by our own bespoke designs.

We are more than happy to provide proof designs for your enquiry – please contact us for further details. Grave marker details are here – please click here

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