Brazier Beacon’s

 Often sited in country parks, estates, hilltops or village greens, brazier beacons become a lasting memorial and are used to mark many occasions or events. They ultimately become a focal point and landmark in their own right.

With a rich heritage in bespoke architectural metalwork, in 2014, Leander Architectural became the sole official manufacturer of the “Battle’s Over – Beacons of Light” WW1 Commemorative Brazier Beacon. We are extremely proud to have been associated with this important national tribute.

Since then, we have continued to manufacture these traditional blacksmith forged, rivetted beacons for Towns, Private estates and various Public bodies. We are always available to discuss your requirements for the design & installation or your own custom Beacon Brazier – we can offer anything from repairs/refurbishment through to a full turn-key new installation package.

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