Ironwork restoration & replication

The Victorian period saw a massive increase in the use of cast Iron across all industry – especially railway. The Victorians were masters of incorporating this robust material as columns and brackets to build highly ornate and functional bridges, buildings and all manner of ships, trains etc. As a result, railway networks around the world, have hundreds of historic period stations and structures (usually listed/protected) that incorporate wonderful castings. Over the years these castings can become brittle & get easily damaged. We can offer bespoke and innovative solutions to replace, repair and/or refurbish these specialist items – to the latest specifications.

Having worked closely with key railway industry partners and technical specialists, Leander Architectural has been able to faithfully restore or replace items that were previously thought impossible – especially on a live operational railway network. We can speak your language.

These are usually bespoke projects & we are always keen to evaluate new opportunities, please contact our Structures team. If we can not assist directly, we probably will be able to advise who can!

In addition to our Metalwork solutions, our foundry produces plaques, signs and information display for individual railways, bridge and culvert plates for Network Rail, and Award Plaques for annual presentations.

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