Fingerposts & Finger Sign

Highways – Signposts

The Royal Label Factory (part of Leander Architectural) was one of Britain’s largest suppliers of cast road signs and signposts to county councils for many decades. Many signposts and some signs still survive and we have the knowledge and casting patterns to restore or re-create them.

Our range includes columns, ball and ring finials and many kinds of pointer, including the now-rare wooden arms with cast collars and screwed-on cast letters.

We undertake complete restoration packages for our clients – which can include removing old signposts from site, fully restoring and re-erecting them. We can also cover both restoring the arms and updating/replacing them as required.

Pedestrian – Fingerposts

Where signposts guide motorists, fingerposts guide pedestrians. Usually found in town centres, a good fingerpost network will link car parks and stations with all the main amenities and attractions. We’re often involved in planning new and updating pre-existing networks. While many of our systems are broadly traditional, we also design and supply bespoke fingerposts to suit particular environments.
Our range include a vast array of cast columns and column bases that can be attached to standard tubing. These columns can generally be mixed & matched with various fingerarm and finial types.

We are always happy to design bespoke solutions for private and corporate clients alike and we maintain long-term records of all the towns and cities we work for and can provide replacements or additional posts for any of them without difficulty. Again, installation and repairs on site are undertaken throughout the UK.

Download our Fingerposts brochure (PDF, 1.2MB)

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