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Cast street signs are perhaps the most common cast signage that is regularly found. However, in addition to these Leander Architectural and the Royal Label Factory have a long a prestigious history in manufacturing a wide range of different type of Custom bespoke cast signs.

Bespoke Commercial Cast Signs

Where do we start? Custom bespoke cast signs, Nameplates and number plates for houses and hotels, training centres and trains ; bridge and castle signs ; lighthouse signs ; signs for ships and for schools (Eton and Harrow for example) ; signs in the shape of car radiators, waterwheels, dovetail joints… we really do welcome a challenge!

Design service

Over the years, many aspects of the work have changed with the advent of computer design, laser etching, waterjet cutting, but old crafts such as hand-carving in clay and lettering are still practised every day. The company’s dedicated team will work with clients to produce designs that comply with current regulations.

Leander Architectural and The Royal Label Factory

Leander Architectural and The Royal Label Factory are long-established businesses producing high-quality cast signage and bespoke metalwork. The Royal Label Factory dates back to 1874 and has been continuously making cast signage for some customers since the 1940s.

With the vast pattern archive and knowledge, Leander is able to manufacture a wide range of traditional and contemporary signage.

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