The Frankton Memorial (the ‘Cockleshell Heroes’)

On the 31st March, a very poignant ceremony was held at Pointe de Grave, near Bordeaux to commemorate the unveiling of the Frankton Memorial – a series of bronze plaques on stone monoliths forming a tribute to the heroic efforts of a small group of Marines working at night in canoes launched from a submarine. Details of the ceremony and the history of the ‘Cockleshell Heroes’ can easily be found on the internet.

The bronze panels, incorporating many hand-carved reliefs were cast in CMA1 (a copper-manganese-aluminium alloy) giving a silver finish. The mural, was based on a painting by John Lawrence which was copied in 3D by our modellers.

We are delighted to have played a major part in what was, for many people, a moving occasion and an overdue memorial to the Royal Marines who perished.

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