Ten Thousandth Fingerpost

Our records don’t go back any farther than 1985 but we do know that we were making signposts and fingerposts long before that. The earliest we’ve traced were made in the 1920s for county councils who realised that early cars, vans and lorries needed help to find rural backwaters. Quite a few of our early signposts are now preserved and many have been fully restored. How many we made in the first sixty years, we’ll probably never know, but we’d greatly appreciate any sightings of survivors in situ. Most of our early ones carried the name “Royal Label Factory” or “RLF” cast into the posts and fingers in small letters.

What we do know is that our 10,000th signpost finger (or pointer) since 1985 was cast a couple of months ago and is now helping visitors to Pembroke find their way around. Other towns and villages recently “signposted” include Laugharne (of Dylan Thomas Fame) and High Bentham, near Lancaster.

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