Unique Warwickshire Mileposts Restored

Over the last few years, a dedicated Warwickshire team tracked down the remains of six of these highly unusual mileposts which are believed to have been erected in the 1830s. A seventh survives in private ownership. Who made them and why they are so ornate is a mystery!

All the signboards had gone, most of the scrollwork had disappeared and several columns were broken into two or more pieces. A couple of very old photographs showed how the signboards had been lettered up.

Thanks to a Lottery grant, funds were found to have them restored by us at our foundry and the finished posts were re-erected in June and early July 2017. As well as repairing the columns and casting new scrollwork, we made new boards to which individual cast letters and numbers were screwed.

Thanks to the Milepost Society and RM Installations.

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