Bandstand manufacture and restoration

Bandstand manufacture and restoration projects over the years, have allowed us to develop a range of designs based on originals by the famous Victorian / Edwardian foundries Walter McFarlane and Elmbank Foundry Co etc. These are typically available from 5000mm – 8500mm diameters (larger & smaller available upon request). As with our restoration services, these can be offered in kit form for contractor assembly, or as a turn-key projects – fully installed.

Our bandstands are available to be made in different sizes, with different roof shapes and many options regarding friezes, columns, spandrels and balustrades. New build bandstands can often include power and lighting connections, which help facilitate concerts.

Victorian Bandstand restoration and rebuilding

We also restore and rebuild bandstands, often from the ground up. Our work has covered anything from restoring (or more accurately reconstructing) a Victorian bandstand from a surviving single column and balustrade panel, restoring band stands that “simply” require new roofs through to manufacturing completely new structures. The photos below show examples in Folkestone and Littleborough, near Rochdale:

Manufacture, Restoration and assembly

A large fabrication and assembly workshop allows all but the largest canopy structures to be completely dry-run assembled before dispatch.

In-house foundry and blacksmithing facilities allows the company to produce bespoke architectural and decorative forgings / castings, ranging from tree branches to wine cellar doors.

Restoration work includes diverse items as village pumps, balustrades in London hotels and railway wagons.

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